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Kiba Park is a Tokyo metropolitan park in Kōtō, Tokyo. The park includes jogging paths, playgrounds, tennis courts, a BBQ area, and spaces for events. The park is divided into two parts, north and south, connected by a pedestrian bridge. The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo is located in this park. [Wikipedia]



4-6-1 Hirano, Koto-ku, Tokyo (ทิศทาง)


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Take the Tozai Line to Kiba Station. The park is about 5 minutes from Exit 3. Otherwise, it's a 15-minute walk from Exit 1 of Kiyosumi-shirakawa Station on the Oedo Line.




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ด้านใน Kiba Park

Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo


The Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, abbreviated as MOT, is one of Japan’s largest contemporary art museums that exhibits Japanese and international pieces from the 20th century to present...


Oakwood Premier Tokyo

Oakwood Premier Tokyo

Oakwood Premier Tokyo comes from a brand of standout luxury hotel & service apartments right at the heart of the Tokyo metropolis. It is located in the business hub of Marunouchi with JR Tokyo Station in close proximity. This will allow guests and travelers to easily access the city's extensive transport network and visit various landmarks such as Imperial Palace, Tsukiji Fish Market, Ginza and Shopping District. Boasting 123 luxurious apartments on the upper floors of a multi-serviced complex, each room offers a magnificent view of the city, not to mention all furnished and a fully-equipped kitchen set which is rarely seen in your everyday service apartment. Without doubt, these spacious tranquil retreats are curated to give you the amenities and services of a luxury hotel and a feeling of home. They are good options for both business executives and leisure travelers from one night of a short-stay to a few weeks/months of mid-to-long-term stay.

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NOHGA HOTEL AKIHABARA TOKYO is conveniently located in the midst of the electric town Akihabara, also known as the capital of manga and anime. In addition, this neighborhood has an abundance of tech shops, maid cafes and a variety of restaurants. With just a 6-minute walk away from Akihabara station, it provides easy access to explore other areas nearby such as Ueno and Asakusa. This hotel embodies the rich cultures of music, art and food. Nohga’s concept of music is derived from Akihabara’s local history, starting as a district of radio and wireless component merchants in the late 1920s. The artistic and luxurious space throughout the hotel is achieved by featuring art and amenities designed in collaboration with craftsmen from around Japan. As for the food menu, it’s seasonal fresh ingredients are sourced domestically. The glasses and dinnerware served are collaborations with stores in the surrounding area. All 120 non-smoking guest rooms feature an ensuite bathroom with a rain shower, in-room safety box, mini fridge, USB plugs, free Wi-Fi, a high-quality bluetooth speaker and flatscreen TV with original music and film. The lounge area and a compact 24-hour gym can be found near the reception on the second floor. Services include laundry (from 2,750JPY) and a 24-hour front desk with a check-in time of 3PM and check-out time of 11AM. For sightseeing you can rent a Tokyobike for the day (2,000 JPY/day) to explore the vicinity.

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Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort [Closed]

Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort [Closed]

Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort is part of the Hankyu-Hanshin luxury hotels group. Since 1938, this luxury hotel has been opening its doors to guests who seek a comfortable stay with convenient access to central Tokyo.

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Pokemon Cafe Nihonbashi

Pokemon Cafe Nihonbashi

The Pokémon Café in Nihonbashi, which opened in March 2018, is the latest character café in the popular series of games and series in Tokyo. The café and the adjacent Pokémon Center DX store were opened in 1997 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the first store. The bright café, which is furnished in warm wood tones, offers main courses, desserts and drinks - all of which are arranged with a focus on one or more Pokémon and some are suitable and limited to certain topics or seasons. You can also find exclusive merchandise here - from plush toys in chef jackets to bowls and cutlery with Pokémon motifs. They also sell Pikachu Sweets, special sweets and products with the most popular of all Pokémon as a motif. A visit to the Pokémon Café is only possible with a prior reservation, time slots can be selected from one month in advance and also in English via the website. It is located on the 5th floor of the Nihombashi Takashimaya Shopping Center, which is not far from the Tokyo and Nihonbashi stations.

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Toyosu Fish Market

Toyosu Fish Market

Toyosu Market is a wholesale market in Tokyo located in the Koto District. It was built on man-made land in Tokyo Bay and replaces the historic Tsukiji Fish Market, which was previously the capital's famous fish market. Opened October 2018 and is the largest seafood market in the world. The market in turn consists of two separate fish markets, one for auctions and the other for general sale, plus a fruit and vegetable market. There are also restaurants and a variety of options for visitors. Tourists can watch the market from a viewing platform on the second floor and take part in guided auctions and events. However, it is no longer possible, as was previously the case in Tsukiji, for visitors to be directly at the famous tuna events, a platform was built for this, from which one can see into the interior of the market. The modern building complex also offers a roof terrace and a shrine and is easily accessible by bus and train.

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Moomin House Cafe Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi [Closed]

Moomin House Cafe Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi [Closed...

Enter the world of Moomin, the Finnish fairy-tale comic characters, in the exclusive Moomin Café in Tokyo Skytree Town. This permanent Moomin Café is specially designed for Moomin fans and offers dishes, desserts, drinks and decorations on the Moomin theme. Whether you are alone or eat in company, a plush Moomin figure will keep you company at the table. The figures of the Moomins are hippopotamus-like troll creatures and were invented by the writer Tove Jansson. They love in the idyllic Moomin Valley somewhere in Finland. The Moomin characters are very popular worldwide and their adventures have been translated into more than 30 languages. There is another highlight for real Moomin fans: The "Moominvalley Park" theme park was opened in March 2019 about 40 kilometers northwest of Tokyo in Saitama prefecture and offers further insights into the world of trolls.

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Kiyosumi Teien Garden

Kiyosumi Teien Garden

Kiyosumi Garden is a traditional Japanese stroll garden located in Fukagawa, Tokyo. It was constructed along classic principles in 1878-85, during the Meiji Period, by the shipping financier and industrialist Iwasaki Yatarō. [Wikipedia]

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The Sumida Hokusai Museum

The Sumida Hokusai Museum

The Sumida Hokusai Museum (すみだ北斎美術館, Sumida Hokusai Bijutsukan) is a contemporary-style museum dedicated to the life & art of ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai (1760–1849).

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Edo-Tokyo Museum

Edo-Tokyo Museum

The Edo-Tokyo Museum is a historical museum in Tokyo in the Ryogoku district. The museum was opened in March 1993 to preserve the cultural heritage of Edo. The museum's permanent exhibition illustrates the past of Tokyo (known as Edo until 1869) and covers many features of the capital from the Edo period to the relatively recent decades. In addition to the permanent exhibition, there are regular special exhibitions that deal with Tokyo-related topics. In an interactive way, visitors can discover different aspects of the former Tokyo, such as the way of life of the people, the architecture of the Edo period, the cultural heritage, the political climate, the economic situation and much more. Numerous city models, figurines, and life-size figures are used to illustrate the history of Japan during the Edo period.

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