One of the entrances to the station

Meiji-jingumae Station

Tokyo Metro

One of the entrances to the station
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Meiji-jingumae Station is situated in the Harajuku area. This station belongs to the Tokyo Metro network and is served by the Chiyoda Line and the Fukotoshin Line. The Chiyoda Line runs from Yoyogi-Uehara through to Ayase. The Fukotoshin Line runs from Shibuya to Wakōshi. These lines make it convenient to travel to great sightseeing places such as Shibuya, Roppongi, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro.

The location of the station is extremely convenient for anyone wanting to visit Harajuku. It is right next to the JR Harajuku Station which is part of the Yamanote Line. Across the road from both of these stations is the famous Takeshita Dori shopping area, home to the Lolita Goths and fashionistas. The aptly named Meiji-jingumae Station is about a one minute walk to the Meiji Shrine. This is a must-see for anyone traveling in Tokyo. To get to the shrine turn right out of the station and follow the signs. Meiji-jingumae Station also offers easy access to Yoyogi Park which is great for sightseeing on the weekend. The entrance to the park is just a short two minute walk to the right of the station.

This station is clean and well-kept and has some very useful facilities. Inside the station there is a Starbucks where you can get yourself a fresh cup of coffee before heading out onto the street. The smell of coffee wafting down the corridor is hard to ignore. Directly next to the Starbucks is also Danish Bar where you can buy some delicious confectionery. Facilities inside the station include a small shop where you can buy magazines or snacks, a handbag repair shop, restrooms and vending machines.

This station is relatively small however it has everything you need. For any information you may need there is a pass office where you can go to get help.You can pick up a subway map in English which is enormously helpful for figuring out your train routes. As with all stations there are coin lockers so you can ditch your backpack while you shop around the busy streets of Harajuku. This small station is easy to navigate and convenient to use.


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