Climb the many steps to Shuri Castle a world heritage site in Naha Okinawa (Photo: Iyu Mura)

Naha's World Heritage Shuri Castle

Capital of an Island Kingdom

Yui Yamaguchi   - ใช้เวลาอ่าน 1 นาที


A significant number of the castle's main buildings were burnt down in October 2019. The site is closed to the public for the time being, but Shurijo Castle Park has been partially reopened since. Authorities aim to have a reconstruction plan ready by 2022.

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At the Eastern end of the Silk Road was Okinawa, or the Ryukyu Islands. A confluence of Japan and Chinese interests, the rulers at Shuri Castle skillfully balanced patronage from both nations, while weaving their own style and culture, evidenced in their arts and music.

Today you can watch the royal court dancers or the uniformed gatekeepers in the grounds of Shuri Jo Castle Park, or even witness the making of a TV drama series, such as "The Tempest" from NHK.


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